Brampton's Own



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Rose McIver as Rachel Kinley
Jean Smart as Judy
Scott Porter as Eddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dakotamillertorchlight 9 / 10

Homerun FIlm

Brampton's Own is the story of a baseball player who has so far failed to make it to the big leagues. Returning home to the small town he left behind and to the people he once knew brings back memories of what could have been. Finding the love of his life getting ready to marry another, he tries to win her back but must choose between his life's calling and the love of his life. Both Alex Russell and Rose McIver gave fantastic performances in this film giving it an extra layer of emotion. Besides the main couple the rest of the cast was great and gave the film some very memorable and funny moments. I highly recommend this film to those who are fans of romantic comedies.

Reviewed by xandershelley 8 / 10

Fun sports drama

Being a big baseball fan, I was drawn to Brampton's Own through the main character's dream and goal of become a major-league player. The film follows the almost 30 year old Dustin who is an AAA baseball player for a team that feeds into the Seattle Mariners. He decides that after 12 years of trying to make the majors to give up his dream and move back to his hometown to pursue another dream, his high school sweetheart. Dustin is welcomed by his family when returning home but he realizes when being home that he still loves and misses the game of baseball. Dustin must decide if he should pursuit the game he loves or the girl next door. What I enjoyed most about the film was the humor, I found myself laughing aloud many times at Dustin's relationship with a young boy he befriends when returning home. The story is fun and nostalgic, being an entertaining sports movie that left me pleased.

Reviewed by katstolle 9 / 10

Great film!

Brampton's Own was a classic tale of returning home and reconnecting with old flames, that I really enjoyed. Director Michael Doneger does a fantastic job creating this story of finding one's self of belonging in a place that has changed from what it once was. It follows Dustin, a 30-year-old aspiring professional baseball player, who goes home and tries to win back his high school sweetheart who is engaged to another man. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship be reborn and felt that the actors did well to portray the mixed feelings of seeing each other after so many years. There was a lot of history between Dustin and his ex-girlfriend and the story deals with that in a realistic way, really making him work to get her love back. This is a great film for a quiet movie night with friends!

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